6d6 Magic Play Report

Brian Isikoff’s 6d6 Magic campaign has moved onto it’s fourth session.  Having survived the dungeon of demon strata, our heroes now adventure wider into the Hundred Baronies. —- This session of 6d6 went quite well. This was the fourth session the new campaign, “The Gray Realms”. The two ongoing Players (with

Fantasy Festivals: More Thoughts

It’s a common thread throughout our known civilizations that humanity likes to celebrate or at the very least to have some kind of festival.  Whether it’s setting off fireworks for the new year or eating a prized delicacy, these are times when communities come together to share in a common

6d6 Magic Play Report

In our first guest author post, Brian Isikoff gives us some information on the 6d6 Magic Campaign he’s been running.  We’ll be getting some more updates as the campaign progresses. —- I worked up a fantasy sandbox the other night for some 6d6 fantasy gaming. This is a regional slice

Merchants of Spice

The Spice Merchant

“Oooh, heloooooo.  Anythiiiiing I i can dooooo for you today?”  By simply elongating my o’s and i’s on the ends of words, I can bring shudders and threats of violence from my friends and players.  For they know this odd phrasing heralds the return of one of my recurring characters.

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