Gun fights in the old west using the 6d6 RPG.

6d6 Shootouts

Ahead of Indiecon I’ve assembled some very rough PDFs with everything you need to play the game. These include cards, maps and some basic rules.


Note: The cards do not include enough bullets due to a limitation of the our system. You may want to reprint some pages or simply write ‘Bullet’ on a few blank cards to make up the numbers.

Everything is copyright 6d6 Fireball but the floor plans for the wild west town are released under a Creative Commons Share-A-Like Attribution license.

Version 0.50

This is very much an early release and not for the casual player. The rules are very limited and explain the specific rules for the 6d6 Shootouts and not the underlying 6d6 RPG. Consequently they don’t explain much about Flow or Pools though this might help.

It has also bee written in a rush and not proof read so I expect there to be many typos. My plan is to release improved versions every couple of weeks.

If you have any questions about the rules, comment below and I will answer them. This will help me work out what is missing from the document and help speed up the development process.