The Lead Bucket Breaks Free

This week the Lead Bucket breaks free from the weekly Bucket of Links to stand on its own two feet (do buckets have feet?). A round up of the best miniatures related posts from blogs. All American hero or an egotistical, blood thirsty, incompetent murder: George Armstrong Custer in 10mm

Dungeons & Discourse

If like Dungeons & Dragons and psychology / philosophy, then you will love this cartoon. The full version is here and a second comic is here. The artist, Aaron Diaz, is superbly talented and the archive is well worth reading. The cartoons are surreal, smart and covering everything from quantum

6d6 Fireball on Twitter

If you have been following me on Twitter, you may want to start following the 6d6 Fireball twitter. This will only carry 6d6 related material so you won’t need to filter out all my Tintin and personal stuff. In theory Rob will also be posting on the 6d6 Fireball Twitter

Miniatures for Heros

This glorious World War I figure has been produced in aid of the Combat Stress charity. Of course back then there was no such term as combat stress, the common term being shell shock. Diagnosis was by no means frequent and the condition was somewhat brushed under the table, many

5 Gallon Bucket

The biggest round up of the best blogging this week and it has a lot of good & bad news for Wizards of the Coast. Questing GM has the latest PDFs and class news in the Word of Wizards. Meanwhile Critical Hits have Exclusive Preview: “Real Ultimate Power” Sourcebook Rituals

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