Review: Spy Master

Do you remember when James Bond was all about suave, sophisticated people with gadgets and one-liners? Do you dream of megalomaniac villains with secret bases and plans to take over the world? Then Spy Master is the game for you. By first-time author Symatt, Spy Master is a fast, simple

DayTrippers Cover

DayTrippers Review

DayTrippers by Tod Foley is a science fiction game of reality hopping, first published June 2015 and available at This review covers the Core Rules and the Gamemaster’s Guide.  There’s a wealth of supporting material available on the website that’s worth checking out – including adventures and story generators.


Elthos Review

Elthos, written by Mark Abrams is advertised as a lightweight, fast action RPG and can be found at The website also includes access to the Mythos Machine, a web application for GMs and players to world build and run games that use Elthos.  This review is of Beta Version

Nefertiti Overdrive

Nefertiti Overdrive Review

Billed as high octane action in Ancient Egypt, Nefertiti Overdrive is by Fraser Ronald of Sword’s Edge Publishing and had it’s successful KickStarter in February 2015. Content Nefertiti Overdrive is not a setting book.  Beyond a few paragraphs setting events as happening during the Assyrian invasion that overthrew the 25th

Steamscapes Asia Review

Published by Four-In-Hand Games and written by Eric Simon after a successful KickStarter in October 2014 .  Steamscapes Asia is a Savage Worlds licenced product, the second in the Steamscapes steampunk setting after Steamscapes North America.  Both products are source books only so you’ll need the Savage Worlds core books

Christmas Ninjas

Reviewing Christmas Ninjas

Christmas Ninjas is a humour RPG by Mendel Schmiedekamp. You can find it here – link.  There are somethings that you can not have too much of – dice, British chocolate, love, freedom.  For other things, there is clearly an upper limit – clowns, atmosphere, youtube comments, American chocolate.  In


Reviewing Rewind: Temporal Tales

Rewind: Temporal Tales is a sole or single player narrative RPG by Todd Zircher. It’s available for pay want you want at Content The book is the framework and toolkit you need to play the game.  Rather than just being a directionless sandbox however, Rewind immediately tells you what