Why Prophecies Are Bad In RPGs

Fate True prophecies involve predetermination, a fixed time-line or gods of fate ensuring things happen. Which means the prophecy will be fulfilled regardless of what the characters do. As railroading the players this much is something most GMs avoid, adventures focus not on stopping the prophecy but on making sure

Can An RPG Tell A Story?

Four key reasons why story telling in RPGs is fundamentally different from other media. RPGs Are A Collective & Social Activity The great story telling media – oral, prose, verse, stage and screen – all have one thing in common. The final output is a product of one person’s vision.

Rocket Age Review

Review in a Rocket Age

Written by Ken Spencer and published by Cubicle 7. Rocket Age is a role playing game of retro space adventures set in an alternate 1930s. Rocket Content Rocket Age wastes no time in setting up and introducing the tone of the game and setting.  The game is grounded in melodrama

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