Slime snake

Over thirty feet of swimming serpent that’s just at home in the dark sewers as it was in the fetid swamps. It lurks amongst the debris that floats in the opaque water, waiting in ambush.  It’s constriction is aided by the numbing slime that coats its scales. The Slime Snake

Junk Dog

Feral dogs that are living wild on abandoned landfills. The contents of the landfills have mutated them into something more insectoid than mammal.  They feed on the garbage but are hungry for live food. The Junk Dog has been created for the RPG Blog Carnival and is a monster for

Garbage Golem

Don’t have decent stone or a good supply of metal?  The resourceful wizard uses whatever they have to hand including junk and refuse.  Garbage golems are held together by their incantations alone as their constituent parts of rotting matter and broken structure aren’t secure by themselves.  The poor quality of

Monster in the Machine

The Monster in the Machine

What happens when science meets magic? Machines possessed by demons? That’s science fantasy, which is the topic of this month’s RPG Blog Carnival, as hosted by Daemons & Deathrays.  What separates science fantasy from science fiction is the introduction of the supernatural and magical.  Let’s take this a little bit

Iobates, Agent of Theia

As they return to Argos from their journey across the Peloponnese, you can see this long limbed man is wearing thick travellers clothes and a heavy cloak.  About their person are several satchels containing messages on papyrus.  The youngest son of an old noble family, they are known to all