What’s The Point Of Rules?

After recent events, my thoughts have understandably turned towards the philosophical side of our hobby. Particularly, why we have rules in RPGs and what do they do? Reductio Ad Absurdum Imagine an RPG without any rules. Can you? Does the concept make sense? Even the most basic idea of role-playing,

Weathering the Weather

Whether the Weather in RPGs

This month’s rpg blog carnival is about ways to use weather in RPGs and what role it can play in the narrative. The intro post is here -> Mortaine’s Blog Weather As Plot The weather forms part of the reasoning behind the character’s quest.  It features heavily in discussions about


Accessible Games

Accessibility can mean many things.  In the post by Accessible Games announcing this month’s RPG Blog Carnival theme, Jacob Wood encourages us to think about what accessibility is.  In particular, he gives the prompt, “What does accessibility mean to me?” I can break my answer into two themes – layout

Slightly drunk

The Robot and the Drunk Frog

I mentioned in a previous post (The Lonely Rogue) about once retiring a character on the grounds of redundancy. If you’ll forgive “the let me tell you about my character” post, I’ll go into a little bit more detail. The Star Wars D20 group in question was a reasonable size

The infamy of crows

Player Character Infamy

Unless the players characters exist in a vacuum, their actions are going to have effects on their surroundings beyond a trail of dead goblins. Every action they take will eventually be noticed by someone and a reputation will build around the characters. How quickly that reputation will build depends on

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