The messenger of the gods is a sly, devious player of Olympus politics in Age of Legends. His wit and quick thinking allows him to be a major figure despite being the youngest of the gods though his talents have also got him into trouble on occasion. Hermes’ is outwardly


Hera is a goddess betrayed and who let loose with the spite and anger any woman feels when cheated on. Yet she has come out of the experience stronger and softer, more caring than before. Zeus, her husband, was very public in his philandering and Hera took revenge on many


Hephaestus is an interesting god in the Age of Legends pantheon. He does not match the Greek physical ideal and instead his legs are ill-formed, making it difficult for him to stand, and is seen by other gods as weak. His wife Aphrodite cheated on him which made him a


Goddess of the night and magic, Hecate is the guardian of both humanity and the Olympian gods. She is ever vigilant and can be found at the borders – the border between the mortal and divine worlds, the border between kingdoms, the border between night and day, and even the


Hades is often misunderstood. In our modern culture he may seem a god of death, something to be feared, but not so for the Ancient Greeks. His role was more of a guardian and final judge on the merit of a mortal life. His duty is not to take lives



The god of wine, dance and ectasy is a popular one in Ancient Greek culture and with players of Age of Legends. The appeal of a hedonistic god is clear but he is not just the god of parties. Dionysus represents the idea of freedom and his champions work against

Demeter from the Age of Legends tabletop RPG


A god of agriculture may seem a minor god against the likes of Apollo and Ares but Demeter has done more to shape the lives of mortals than any other Olympian. After fighting hard in the Titanomachy she sought to remake the mortal world which had been devastated by the

mortal couple from Age of Legends tabletop RPG

Mortal Couple

The champions – the player characters in the Age of Legends tabletop role-playing – are ordinary mortals chosen by the gods. The mortal has no choice in this. When a god a calls, a mortal answers or faces a terrible fate for defying the divine will. For some mortals it

Chimera from the Tabletop RPG Age of Legends


The chimera is such an iconic monster from Ancient Greece that its name has become a synonym for any strange crossbreed. The legendary creature which features in the Age of Legends tabletop role-playing game is made of the classical trio of animals – the head and body of a lion,