The Lowly Archetype

One of the ways Age of Legends makes adventuring in Ancient Greece fast and fun is through character archetypes. These are templates with enough pre-defined to ensure a character which is enjoyable to play but leaves plenty of scope for customisation. There are eight archetypes in the book with each


The sea defined the Greeks. Though their rivals, the Carthaginians, had the most powerful navy during the time of Age of Legends, the Greek people were spread around a network of islands, peninsulas and coastlines. The mountainous countryside made land travel difficult and the sea was the only practical form

Life In Ancient Greece

The average Greek in the time of Age of Legends lived by farming small plots of land. It was these women and men working the fields which kept the cities of Ancient Greece fed. They were also the foot soldiers of most armies and the need to return to their

Fall of Ixion

Ixion is figure from the first days of mortals in Ancient Greek. He was the first to kill to a relative and break the sacred bond between a host and his guest. For this crime Zeus bond him to a fiery wheel for eternity. The story of Ixion takes places

Ethiopain Dragon from Age of Legends Tabletop RPG

Ethiopian Dragon

At 180′ foot long, the Ethiopian Dragon is a true monster and is a predatory beast that has no agenda other than to feed on those weaker than it. To the mortal champions in Age of Legends it poses are a real challenge with 234 Character Points and 19 Meta-Character


The messenger of the gods is a sly, devious player of Olympus politics in Age of Legends. His wit and quick thinking allows him to be a major figure despite being the youngest of the gods though his talents have also got him into trouble on occasion. Hermes’ is outwardly


Hera is a goddess betrayed and who let loose with the spite and anger any woman feels when cheated on. Yet she has come out of the experience stronger and softer, more caring than before. Zeus, her husband, was very public in his philandering and Hera took revenge on many

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