Traveller Book 0

To support Free RPG Day (June 21st), Mongoose publishing have release Traveller Book 0: An Introduction to Traveller. For those of you not familiar with the SF game Traveller, have look at this article on the long history of Traveller or the mass of material available in our online RPG

D&D 4e Errata

One week after the launch of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, we have the errata sheets. I’ve had a quick look through them and the amendments are all fairly minor. Mostly just tweaks to the text to clarify things but there are a few that would make a real difference


The megalomaniac mad-scientist is a stereotype that dates back to Frankenstein and can be found in every genre and medium, including such classics as Dr Strangelove. It is also a common stereotype for Boss Monsters in role-playing games, where evil wizards dream up schemes to take over the world or

4e Quickies

The new 4th Edition Game System License ( 4E GSL ) will be released next week according to this WotC announcement. D&D Insider, the online subscription based service for 4e has gone live, or at least its web site has. Features on offer include the D&D Character Visualizer and Character