More News on the 4e License

There has been a lot of fuss over the last week or two over the suggestion that in order to produce material under the 4e license (known as the 4E GSL), publishers would have to drop all their 3.5 edition material. This all started following some comments made by senior

D&D Insider Review (and some other stuff)

Gamespy have a review, well more of preview regurgitating WotC PR rather than a hands-on “does this thing work” review of D&D Insider. It only has scarce details but their conclusion: However, we have one major concern: price. Virtual monster miniature pricing hasn’t been set, but an Insider subscription (that

Tripod: Geeky, Gamer Comedy

Spotted this on Play This Thing, Tripod are a musical comedy trio sing songs about playing on the X-box, comic shops and the gamer life-style. Just one look at their web-site tells you they are huge Dungeons and Dragons fans. They also have a song called Dungeons & Dragons. There


Hi, I’m Chris Tregenza and I’m one half of There is lots we want to do and tell you about the site but before we get started on that I wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been playing RPG’s for about 25 years now, starting with Traveller and then Tunnels

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