D&D 4e Errata

One week after the launch of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, we have the errata sheets. I’ve had a quick look through them and the amendments are all fairly minor. Mostly just tweaks to the text to clarify things but there are a few that would make a real difference


The megalomaniac mad-scientist is a stereotype that dates back to Frankenstein and can be found in every genre and medium, including such classics as Dr Strangelove. It is also a common stereotype for Boss Monsters in role-playing games, where evil wizards dream up schemes to take over the world or

4e Quickies

The new 4th Edition Game System License ( 4E GSL ) will be released next week according to this WotC announcement. D&D Insider, the online subscription based service for 4e has gone live, or at least its web site has. Features on offer include the D&D Character Visualizer and Character

D&D 4e Is Launched – So What?

The 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons launched today, thirty five years on from Gygax & Arneson’s original, groundbreaking publication. I’ve not rushed out to buy the new books, instead I’m sitting here with a set of 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons from 1974. What is striking about them is

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Greetings and welcome to 6D6Fireball.com. I hope that if this is your first visit to our website you will find many reasons to come back and perhaps participate as a fully fledged member as we develop all the functionality of the community. You will find references to many of the

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