4e Quickies

The new 4th Edition Game System License ( 4E GSL ) will be released next week according to this WotC announcement. D&D Insider, the online subscription based service for 4e has gone live, or at least its web site has. Features on offer include the D&D Character Visualizer and Character

D&D 4e Is Launched – So What?

The 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons launched today, thirty five years on from Gygax & Arneson’s original, groundbreaking publication. I’ve not rushed out to buy the new books, instead I’m sitting here with a set of 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons from 1974. What is striking about them is

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Greetings and welcome to 6D6Fireball.com. I hope that if this is your first visit to our website you will find many reasons to come back and perhaps participate as a fully fledged member as we develop all the functionality of the community. You will find references to many of the

Let's Play Traveller!

Play is a series of articles we have planned about major role-playing game systems and key aspects of role playing games. As a warm-up exercise, before we move on to tackle the biggest systems such as D&D, I have a written an article on Traveller, the first and best Sci-fi

'Twas brillig

Chatty DM has got his hands on the 4e rules and has a few initial thoughts. One of the things he mention is vorpal weapons. The Vorpal weapon is awesome, You get a bunch of extra dice of damage on crits or using it’s daily power. On top of that,

Dragonborn Females Have Boobs

This is latest news from people who have seen the 4e rule books, collated on an Enworld discussion. Other, possibly more important information includes: 2-weapon fighting is a feat, but just gives a damage bonus, not an extra attack. Gnomes can *turn invis* once per encounter after they’ve taken dmg.

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